These are the rules for players more serious than the Babbys but less so than our last major attempt.


Oy vey! The __nd congress of /pol/

ITT we make a government for /pol/ to end the JIDF shilling and Australian shitposting

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How to play:

>1 anon = 1 MP

>Join an existing political party or create your own (choose name & color

>Once we have ~15 MPs we will vote for the President of /pol/ and start passing new rules/laws for /pol/

We will use to vote (if I suspect jewery we will count them directly ITT)

Your name should go like "Name [Political Party] #tripcode" for easy identification.

All political parties should keep track of their members, i.e write it down on pastebin (or the wiki) so it's easier to manage.


I created 5 parties that were popular in the original games, and should give each party some opposition.

(Illusive Suggestions: NatSoc Party, Libertarian Party, UKIP or PIIP, Communist Party, & the Swedish Liberal Party or the Liberal Democratic Party)


  • If you have any bills you want to pass, respond to a designated post with them.


  • Have just 3-4 threads a week to prevent burnout.
  • Instead of roll call use the best judgement of OP to clear out inactives, since this is at it's core a game and OP is dungeon master.
  • OPs of threads should be party members also


Party IdeasEdit

  • National Socialist Party
  • Libertarian Party
  • Communist Party
  • Swedish Liberal Party
  • Liberal Democratic Party
  • UKIP
  • PIIP
  • (Shia) Islamic Party
  • (Sunni) Islamic Party
  • Conservative Party
  • Neoconservative Party
  • Anarcho-Capitalist Party
  • Zionist Party
  • Anarcho-Communist Party
  • SPQR
  • Monarchist Party
  • Technocratic Party
  • Catholic Party
  • Russian Orthodox Party
  • Chinese Civilization Party
  • Byzantine (Denbts) Party
  • Golden Dawn Party
  • Islamic Gommunism
  • Confederacy
  • Imperium of Man
  • Galactic Empire
  • /pol/ Tea Party
  • Socialist Party
  • Iron March
  • Pirate Party of /pol/
  • Tumblr Party
  • Bronies United
  • Loli Party
  • Fascist Party
  • Pinochetian Party
  • Falangist Party

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