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The objective of this coalition is not to concentrate power into the hands of one party but to from an alliance of many parties to act as a check in the growth of our enemies. The enemies of our humble coalition is those who would want to strip us of our basic human rights of sovereignty, security and the pursuit of happiness our enemy if it hasn't been made clear yet is a loose axis of communist party members, socialist agitators and other sympathizers who will cover for them and allow them to trample what we hold dear. Our objective is not to consolidate but to unite in the face of this enemy like our forefathers have done generations before and stand against the wolf at our door.


The principles this coalition abides are fundamental, the believe in human sovereignty that no one group should or ought to be beholden to another and we welcome all who would wish to throw off the chains of this tyranny that has entered our prestigious parliament. The next is the right of human dignity, for ones homeland, ones culture to be preserved in the manner they wish it to be and not be voted over by political organizations that have more loyalty to a political party then ones principles. 

Active PlatformEdit

Our platform is simple to actively check, contain and engage in political aggression towards any party or legislation that is written, created or fraternizes with leftists, communist or socialist members and legislation.


Smedly Butler - [NATO]

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