A pact forged between the Illusive Man of Cerberus and Sir Zyklon of the National Socialist Party on June 20, 2015.

Joint LegislationEdit


Decree of Bicameral Legislature:

This bill would allow for a new house, (insert /pol/ quality name). Over all this would make another house, where 2 representatives from each party would come together in a separate thread, once a week, to discuss bills that have issues in the views of smaller groups or coalitions. The purpose of this bill is to make sure every voice is accurately heard, and to increase deliberation over a bill that may bring big changes.

Requisites and Ruling Getting a Bill to the Assembly:

In order to functionally get a bill moved to Assembly, a 5 minute grace period between the introduction of a bill of the docket, and the voting period will be introduced. During this period, any motion to Assembly must be stated in a clear way. Once the speaker sees the motion, the motion will be placed upon deliberation by the present quorum. If the quorum is seconded twice (2) by two (2) other separate parties, the motion is passed to the senate. This may only happen in parliament three times per week. The only exception to this is if a simple majority (50% + 1) of the total present quorum votes to allow an exception. This is to prevent an instance of party banging* bills.

Assembly Membership

The Assembly will be made up of 2 party members per party. This will also include the minority parties as long as they have 2 members. This will thus entitle minority parties that only have 2 people to be recognized in the Parliament. Independents will be represented in the Assembly by 4 Independents picked by the sitting President. The two members representing the party in an Assembly will be known as representatives. If one of those people can not be at a scheduled meeting for the Assembly, he must let that speaker for the Assembly know within 24 hours of the Assembly meeting who is replacing him/her, or the party will not be represented. The votes of each individual are counted, not the party.

Assembly Rulings:

A.) Ties If the Assembly votes and is tied, then the legislation goes back to the parliament. A bill cannot be passed to Assembly more than once. The speaker at the time must notify the quorum that the bill has come from Assembly, and cannot be passed back to the Assembly.

B) Majority Votes When a bill is voted in the Assembly, the rules of parliament passed bills apply. The bill will continue, if majority rules, to the President.

  • Party banging: A term coined by Furor Teutonicus to describe the trolling of bills by smaller parties. This is where smaller parties continuously motion bills that they, as a minority, do not like

Signed by the Committee of Bicameral Legislation