The Democratic Socialist Party was a party in the Parliament of /pol/, founded by Engels Ankles and established July 3, 2015.

Views Edit

This party believes in bringing the ideals of Democratic Socialism to /pol/. It advocates the use of a democratic political system and works toward passing socialist legislation for the betterment of /pol/. This includes ensuring fair elections, individual freedoms and equal representation among all parties, regardless of whether or not they agree with us.

Basing our views on the idea that the quality of a society can be measured by how it treats its worst-off citizens, the Democratic Socialist Party is strictly anti-fascist and anti-capitalist. Instead of striking down other parties or individuals, we work to raise them up and have their voice heard, no matter how insignificant others may feel it is.

Humanism is a large part of the platform. The sooner we realise that all are equal, the sooner we can help this parliament move forward.