Regular schedule for Parliamentary Session
Day Time Event Host
Sunday TBD
Monday TBD TBD
Wednesday TBD
Thursday TBD
Friday TBD TBD
Saturday TBD


The Executive Branch
Office Executive
President vacant
Vice President
Cabinet of Advisers
Ministry Minister Duty
The Supreme Court
Office Justice
Chief Justice TBD
Justice TBD
Justice TBD
Justice TBD
Justice TBD
Speaker's Office
Office Speaker
Head Speaker Griffith (Cerberus)
Speaker Illusive Man (Cerberus)
Speaker TBD

Useful Pages

Useful Pages

Constitution Bill of Rights Proposed Amendments
Basic Rules Legislative Docket Archives
Passed Laws Election Ballot Supreme Court Queue
Rejected Bills Repealed Laws Vetoed Bills
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Active Parties

PartyMP CountGroupLeaderColor
Cerberus1noneIllusive Man !!bIQ79CcIsny
Puppy Party3nonePuppy0
Unitary Riskoid and Dongola Partei7noneNig Scoopy
SPQR4noneLegate Lanius
DisSoc Party2noneTante (currently imprisoned)
Catholic People’s Party8noneEthan
Posadas Enlightened Party1noneGilgamesh
Anarchist Occult Party1noneSuperintendant Ebola
Tien Party1noneGodfrey Bloom (!UKIPpIc.3M)
Radical Centrist Party2none Tzar
Yellow Turban Rebellion0none (The Treader) !Y7iq6u1qM2
Mafia Stiddaroli1noneblank
Independent MPs4n/anone

Former Parties

Major Former Parties of Parliament

Girondist Front Confederate Party
The Zulu Party Comfy Party
Independent MPs
blank blank
blank blank
blank blank

Minor Parties of /pol/ Parliament

n/a n/a n/a
Natural-Humanist n/a n/a
Christ Alliance JewsNow n/a
9/11 Party n/a n/a
Goldstein Fascist Party EXEL n/a
Order of the Frozen Ash Not A Fag n/a
Iron Wall Builders n/a
Sopping Cunt Frunt S4SP n/a
Sinn Féin Völkisch Party n/a
Anarchy Anarcho-Capitalist n/a
People's Revolutionary Party MLP n/a
FL Shitposter party n/a
Anti Debt Crew Weyland Yutani n/a
Complete List of all Members of Parliament

List of Historic/Inactive Parties

Old OP Copypasta (RIP in peace Catharsis)

Welcome to /pol/ Parliament, where the discerning gentleman can play politics with other /pol/acks; harnessing chaos for a brighter tomorrow.


How to Participate:

>Choose a party, create your own, or stand as an Independent
>Choose a name, tag your party, and create a secure tripcode:
>Your name field should look something like: Name [Party Tag] ##passwordofyourchoosing
>Congratulations! You're ready to go!

tl;dr Rules:

>Tripcodes using any variation of the most popular passwords are not recommended
> After a bill has been proposed there is a minimum of 30 minutes of discussion before voting begins
> All votes should happen in-thread and quote the initial proposal
>Simple legislation requires simple majority; constitutional amendments, and impeachment require super majority
>Try to check in on Sundays for roll call

More in-depth reading here:
On nationstates:
Chart tool:

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