Introduction: Edit


The personal standard of Prince Pedro

The Royalist Party is a monarchist party that defends absolute monarchs everywhere. The party's sole goal is to install a absolute monarchy instead of a presidency.

The official color of the party is light green.

Reasons for Founding: Edit

The Reactionary cause is not the most popular one, but it's the one our ancestors followed for generations and shaped our world how it is today. Sadly the monarchist cause have very few supporters as the tyranny of the masses system called "Democracy" haves the majority at their side.

Plans: Edit

The Party's goals are to install a absolute monarch in the presidency, and slowly shift the power from the Parliament to the Presidency.

  • Protect the parliament from Jewish and leftist influence.
  • Represent the Reactionary views in the Parliament
  • Support any authoritarian legislations

Policies: Edit

  • Health: Healthcare must be Universal, available for everyone and affordable, but not for free.
  • Education: Education must also be Universal, for everyone everywhere.
  • Security: Police must be present at the streets at all times.
  • Foreign Relations: Defend the interests of your people alone. Imperialism must be kept at minimum. However reconquering of old territories is acceptable.
  • Religion: Church and the Government must have a both ways beneficial relationship.
  • Immigration: Immigration must be kept at a minimum, only qualified workers can enter.
  • Trade: Protectionism is encouraged but it must not be taken too far. The government must play a major role in it.
  • Privacy: Intrusive policies and spying is intolerable.
  • Guns: Every citizen haves the right to own a handgun, military grade rifles and other weapons are restricted.
  • Freedom of Speech: Freedom of speech is defended in every way.
  • Public Meetings: It's allowed but there are restrictions: No communist or socialist rallies and no degenerate parades.
  • Tolerance: Variants of the Christian faith are tolerable in public, Other religions such as Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, etc... are not allowed to show their faith or any of their customs in public.

Party's System: Edit

Prince Pedro is the founder but everyone in the party is equal in power, to claim the presidency, the party will have a vote on who should take the power, the one with most votes will run for presidency and becomes the temporary leader.

The 6 Amendments Edit

1st: Any proposed bill must be focused on Reactionary or Conservative views

1092px-Coat of arms of the Empire of Brazil.svg

The coat of arms of Prince Pedro

2nd: All party members must defend Reactionary and Conservative views

3rd: Thou shall not vote for thyself for the temporary leader

4th: Party members must be Christian

5th: Party members must have a title

6th: Party members can have their personal coat of arms

Current Members: Edit

  • Prince Pedro !!0mQa78IAioT