The creation of this party to benefit /pol/ and its Parliament. Edit

Inquisition symbol 2

Open to all, The Inquisition is for those interested looking past party politics or their own desires to work for a better /pol/.

We hope to unite under one title and one goal, to fix the board and ensure the survival of Parliament.

For too long has /pol/ been decaying. Too many times has Parliament fallen.

Those interested in joining this party swear their actions towards the benefit of the whole, not themselves. We swear to work towards a more quality environment.

I, Based Talos, strong supporter of avoiding parties, have made this one to unite us all.

Our Actions in Parliament Edit

Our role in Parliament will be to pass laws and acts supporting the parliament and politically focused threads.

Our Actions on /pol/ Edit

Our role in /pol/ will be to participate in politically focused threads and help ignore and destroy the increasing number of non /pol/ threads.


Party History Edit

The party was founded by Based Talos on the 25ish(ish) of June after the NatSoc party would disrupt session and the in-progress creation of a constitution. Two parties would be formed from the event, The Inquisition and the Reformed National Socialist Party. The RNSP would focus on creating a respectable National Socialist party to redeem the party's action.

Talos would give up his long time Independence and protest against party politics for the creation of The Inquisition. This party focused on the reform of Parliament and taking steps towards a better /pol/ through focusing on political subject in face of rising amount of shitposting across the board.

Though a few MP's would be unable to abandon their party to join the party, an Alliance to Restore the Parliament would be created, allowing MP's to pledge their support to The Inquisition Party's goal.

Party Members Edit

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Based Talos [Inquisition] !!PVbCNYNzsXF - Founder, Current Inquisitor

Catharsis [Inquisition] !!1454IPHMCm8

Engels Ankles [Inquisition] !!u1jIP4z7+3D