"Conservatism is the blind and fear-filled worship of dead radicals"

- Mark Twain

"In this hour, socialism is the only salvation for humanity. Socialism or Barbarism!"

- Rosa Luxemburg

The Socialist Front is dedicated to protecting the rights of citizens, emphasizing the equality of all peoples, and ensuring the providing of a basic quality of life for all.

All members are welcome to add to the "Proposed policies" section if there is something they would like to amend, add, or remove from the party platform.

Founding PrinciplesEdit

The Socialist Front will:
  • Dedicate the preservation of rights of all people including, but not limited to: freedom of Speech, freedom of the press, freedom to practice religion peacefully, freedom to assemble peacefully, freedom to strike/protest, freedom to collectively bargain, freedom of information, freedom to petition. 
  • Grant to all peoples the right to free healthcare, free education, access to drinkable water, access to housing, and the right to die with dignity.
  • Recognize the threat of climate change: making a national push towards green energy, taxing carbon emissions, emphasizing the expansion of green technology.
  • Ensure the preservation of equality in all things including, but not limited to: Voting rights, marriage rights, civil rights.
  • Dedicate to Anti-Facist movements, and the destruction of Fascism/National Socialism.
  • Realize that the world is filled with finite sources of wealth, water and food; the parties pushes that all men and women should push for self-sterilization, use of contraceptives, and limit the amount of children per family to two, be they adopted or self-reared.
  • Encourage brotherhood, friendship, and cooperation between all nations of the world.
  • Allow firearms ownership, wherein the weapon is not designed to take the life of another person.
  • Build an economy based on a combination of private enterprises, workers' co-operatives and state-owned enterprises run on behalf of the people
  • Nationalize the major energy and transport companies, as well as all large publicly funded corporations
  • Remove all tax loopholes that benefit multinational corporations, and a systematic elimination of tax evasion
  • Punish corruption and other political crimes
  • Produce a working space program to begin exploring the stars

Workers of the World, Unite!

Proposed Policies Edit

  • For their to be an offical party flag.

Active members. Edit


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  • Danish faggot [Socialist Front] !!lPaxUvnVmyE  

Membership RequirementsEdit

Simply that you do not be a dick, troll, and generally agree with the party platform, and do not intentionally besmirch the party name.


The Socialist Front's chatroom can be found at:

Password: front


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