This is a shortened version of the Constitution, by Based TalosEdit

The purpose of this is to more carefully list and explain rules and procedure of the Constitution; this version is not the official legal text from where justices should derive their judgements. Edit

Article I.Edit

Section. 1.Edit

All legislative powers of /pol/ go to the House of Patricians 


Section. 2.


>You have to be a tripfag

>We do rolecall every two weeks, just show up and let us know you're still around 

>You get one vote on all business conducted 


>VP gets to be President of Parliament, and Head of the Speakers

>Twice he gets to change the agenda during his term

>He gets to take over the speakers place and be speaker for the session

>He gets to kick a speaker out if no one disagrees 

>He gets to be the tie vote


>MP's choose their own two officers

>And also a President pro tempore

>that means when the VP is gone or becomes the real President

>he gets to determine the Rules and Scheduling of its Proceedings

>punish members for being shitty

>with 2/3rd's vote can ban the persons trip(which is as close to kick them out as we can get)


>the house gets the power to impeach

>if the President is tried, the Chief Justice must be there, and 2/3rd's vote must be met


>if you're kicked out of office it's for good, but doesn't stop you from being MP

>we may punish a party in some way for putting you in power


Section. 3.


>a requirement of either 10% of total MP's or 10 MP's(whichever is higher) is required to pass any laws


>50%+1 of parliament is required to vote within three days, in order to pass anything needing 2/3rd's or 3/4th's majority


>must vote with YEA, Nay, or Abstain(but we accept close variations, such as AYE)


Section. 4. Edit


>speaker is elected, and gets to be in charge of sessions

>a speaker is elected for each region

>they are allowed two deputies in case of their absence

>they can appoint an Active Secretary of Minutes, to record bills, votes(who voted what), and list on the wiki the results of the session


>the speaker gets to handle the session, this includes set the agenda, discussion, and eventual voting, according to Parliamentary Procedure; moderate, begin, and end Discussion; and call for a decisive YEA, NAY, or ABSTAIN vote after the allotted time for Discussion has passed

>cannot vote unless needed to meet quorum or break tie


>after not showing three times the Speaker is kicked out

>he can be kicked out by the Pres or VP if not contested

>if contested, it goes to a 2/3rd's vote


>when not being speaker they are a regular MP who can vote and be in a party


Section. 5. Edit


Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks